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How embarrassing

I would actually dissolve

nah she’s just taking advantage of the cameras cos she knows she looks good

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one time at warped i saw 4 tall guys walking around real close n im like they look so familiar?? n later im watching all time low n realized it was them bc of the clothes they were wearing aka they were all feet away from me n i had no clue n i hate myself every day for it

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Anonymous asked: Hi! could you tell me how to do the kim k game hack? haha thanks!!


u can go through the “kim k game cheats” tag if this doesnt work for u. its a little complicated but dont give up!

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im getting a little paranoid, i did the kim k game hack where u get a bunch of kcoins and money but there’s like absolutely no way i can get charged for this, right? i see everybody doing it but idk man im still nervous someone explain to me

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Fall Out Boy’s Next Move Will Be Something Different




Fall Out Boy are working on new music, but the delivery might not be what you expect. Check out what Pete Wentz had to say below after the jump.

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"it sounds different than any of the other stuff we’ve ever worked on"

so our options are: a) nu metal b) freeform jazz c) americana folk or d) no-holds-barred old-school hip hop. i think we should start a betting pool

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Anonymous asked: Am I the only one that thinks it isn't Ryan who is talking to his fans but Shane Morris? It doesn't sound like Ryan at all. Also Shane kept calling Ryan 'his boy' so when Ryan wrote "he will always be my boy" , it made me think of Shane Morris. I think Shane has taken over Ryan's twitter. Ryan's FB account isn't Ryan either.



Anyone else want to send me this message? It’s not like I have received 60 variations of this in the last 24 hours or something.

Yesterday’s tweets were Ryan. Instagram is Ryan. The professional Facebook is Shane.

Ryan says “my ____” all the time - my son, my giant, etc. Stop sending me this fucking message. Ever thought of posting YOUR opinions on YOUR blog instead of in my ask after I’ve made it clear multiple times that I disagree? Good grief.

FB = mostly me, sometimes Ryan.
Twitter and IG = All Ryan. Never me.

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Best of band cakes

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i’m sorry that ryden was real

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