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how u gonna wait over a year to decide to respond


ok im a little late to the party but here r my feelings on the degrassi season finale:

the whole becky/drew thing is dumb bc when did they become into eachother in the first place? wasnt drew into clare five seconds ago? n at least clew had some development, this was out of the blue. also i dont care how long its been its never ok to hook up with ur dead siblings former flame??? quit tryna pull “how i met your mother” stunts, degrassi.

triles is so conflicting because i love miles so much id love him with anyone, but tristan is so damn annoying i want him off the show n they throw him onto the only good character left in the series (once alli n clare go….) also, didnt they try triles n it didnt work before? idk but tristan is so annoying hate his character so much….

zoe/maya/zig r irrelevant tbh but id like zig/zoe together

n ofc eclare gave me butterflies eli is so perf

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how have i never noticed that the skeleton is wearing a parade jacket omg

i think it’s bob 

he never left the band he just died





giving away my MCR Black Parade jacket because i hardly wear it anymore and i need wardrobe space!!!

its a size medium.


mbf me
i ship internationally ❤️ ill pay for postage.
must be willing to give ur address or i cant rly ship it u know
reblogs AND likes count!!! ill be picking the winner using random.org
ends in a month at 8pm!! (july 26th UK time)

((soz i typed this out on my phone it might be shitty))

any questions? feel free to message me

ends tomorrow 😊

ayoo u have until 8pm BST

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How embarrassing

I would actually dissolve

nah she’s just taking advantage of the cameras cos she knows she looks good

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one time at warped i saw 4 tall guys walking around real close n im like they look so familiar?? n later im watching all time low n realized it was them bc of the clothes they were wearing aka they were all feet away from me n i had no clue n i hate myself every day for it

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Anonymous asked: Hi! could you tell me how to do the kim k game hack? haha thanks!!


u can go through the “kim k game cheats” tag if this doesnt work for u. its a little complicated but dont give up!

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im getting a little paranoid, i did the kim k game hack where u get a bunch of kcoins and money but there’s like absolutely no way i can get charged for this, right? i see everybody doing it but idk man im still nervous someone explain to me

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Fall Out Boy’s Next Move Will Be Something Different




Fall Out Boy are working on new music, but the delivery might not be what you expect. Check out what Pete Wentz had to say below after the jump.

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"it sounds different than any of the other stuff we’ve ever worked on"

so our options are: a) nu metal b) freeform jazz c) americana folk or d) no-holds-barred old-school hip hop. i think we should start a betting pool

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